Saigon Ratings provides several kinds of assessment & analysis reports, include:



1. Credit Assessment report:
  • Credit Assessments is a confidential report and is not an issuer or issue credit ratings.
  • Credit Assessments is carried out at a point-in-time analysis, based on Saigon Ratings’ view on the strengths and weaknesses of a proposed issuer, debt obligations or financial structure. This report may contain some sections similar with an official credit rating report or analyze some important factors that would ordinarily be considered during credit rating process.
  • Credit Assessments reports are made at a point-in-time analysis and do not maintain monitoring or updating.
  • Corporations are reviewed and analyzed, based on the negotiations that are made in advance on the report outline and implementation process; as well as the final result whether it meets the needs of the business or not.
  • The report can help managers clearly identify issues related to development strategy. Some businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), may be concerned about the time and expense involved in rating credit, or the expectation that they will be able to achieve desired rating opinion. In case the credit rating of the business is “acceptable”, the next step is Credit Rating. The purpose of the Credit Rating Report is that Saigon Ratings provides reliable and useful reference information so that the client can check a part of their credit without performing a full credit rating.
2. Rating Impact Assessment report:
  • Rating Impact Assessment report is not a consulting or advisory service.
  • Rating Impact Assessments report is an analytical tool for rated or unrated entities that are considering the proposed strategic initiatives for business development or financial structure which may affect their creditworthiness.
  • Based on the request of the rated or unrated entities, Saigon Ratings will give opinion on the potential credit rating result of the hypothetical cases provided by that issuer.
  • Rating Impact Assessments report is a confidential report used by clients for the purpose of restructuring, merge and acquisition, divestment or capital structure activities, in order to make an appropriate business development decision.
3. Private Credit Assessment report:
  • Private Credit Assessment is a useful tool for referring counterparty risk assessment information. This report is not an issuer or issue credit rating.
  • Saigon Ratings’s report gives the confidential opinion about the creditworthiness of a third party that has not been rated, based on client’s request.
  • Private Credit Assessment report is a brief explanation, clearly presenting the rationale of credit estimate. This report is carried out as a point-in-time analysis and can be updated subject to client’s request.

Private Credit Assessments reports provide clients with some reference information:

  • Analyze and report on specific credit information not included in client database;
  • Supplement credit information;
  • Review and compare the client’s assessment process with Saigon Ratings’ analysis.

Private Credit Assessment might help clients to have some reference information:

  • Provide an independent and objective tool that senior credit, financial, risk and investment managers can use to assess and manage credit risk;
  • Provide credit analysis of new and existing partners, borrowers, tenants, customers, partners and suppliers, to help clients analyze their creditworthiness;
  • Provide industry and company insights from Saigon Ratings analysts to help clients understand more about partner credit risks and industry credit risks.


Fund Volatility Analysis Report:
  • Fund Volatility Analysis Report is a report for fixed-income funds.
  • Fund Volatility Analysis Report provides a track record of volatility of fund returns, assesses the impact of some quantifiable risks and management factor that can lead to volatility of fixed-income fund returns.
  • Fund Volatility Analysis Report provides our point of view on the level of fund return volatility based on independent and objective evaluation criteria.
  • The combined use of Fund Volatility Analysis Report and Fund Credit Quality Ratings Report independently, impartially and systematically provides investors with analysis information on relevant risks factors.
  • Fund Volatility Analysis Report is not the same as Credit Rating Report.


  • Saigon Ratings provides In-depth Assessment Report according to customers’ requirements and partner. The Report provides analytical information and in-depth assessment of basic elements of the company’s industry; business performance; management and governance; financial situation and credit structure.
  • The in-depth assessment report provides objective and reference information to serve for the business development needs.


  • Saigon Ratings provides various types of information reports related to business activities and corporate finance of partners and customers (Third Party), depending on customers’ requirements on the content and quality of information.