SaigonRatings is the first credit rating agency in Vietnam (Credit Rating Agency – CRA), which has officially come into operation since 2018.

SaigonRatings’ culture aims to become an organization of learning, creating, attracting talents and making constant progress.

Implementing its business development plan in 2021, SaigonRatings respectfully invites, welcomes and recruits talented candidates suitable for the organization’s culture.

As members of the organization, we have the opportunity to cooperate, work and join forces to develop the organization. Thence, we share difficulties, challenges and share successes together.


Personnel join professional activities of specialized Departments are as follows:

  • Corporate credit rating;
  • Financial institutions credit rating;
  • Debt instruments credit rating;
  • Project finance credit rating;
  • Research on macroeconomics and sector economics.


  1. Performing in-depth research, learning and deep understanding insights into the professional background of Credit Rating international institutions, in Asia and SaigonRatings.
  2. Conducting individual responsibility and/or coordinate teamwork to complete the professional tasks and assigned work requirements.
  3. Regularly researching, updating and synthesizing information about macroeconomics, sector economics and operations of the system of corporate and financial institutions of the domestic market.
  4. Regularly researching, updating and synthesizing on a regular basis the legal information system, the State’s policies and regulations related to the individual professional work.
  5. Individuals directly participate in professional operations providing credit rating services, in-depth reports and corporate information data services to provide customers upon request.
  6. Participating in scientific research activities, professional seminars, internal training and international training.



  • Candidates have the spirit of career passion, inquisitive and ambitious to promote personal career development in the organization (professional work and management).
  • Priority is given to candidates with a master’s degree in economics or higher and / or international certificates ACCA, CFA …
  • Foreign language proficiency: Fluently in English.
  • Candidates have at least 03 years of experience working in the fields of Banking, Investment Fund, International Audit, Securities Company and large domestic and international corporations.


  1. Building strategic orientation, planning and offering solutions to develop business and communication PR brand Organization.
  2. Directly responsible to the General Director for comprehensive operations about business development efficiency and brand communication.
  3. Creating, developing relationships and expanding networks with customers, business partners and stakeholders to execute business plans and expand markets.
  4. Building advertising programs, promoting products, services and brand communication.
  5. Training, managing, operating, monitoring and evaluating the work efficiency of all employees in the Business Development Department.
  6. Responsible for transactions, consulting services, negotiating and signing service provision contracts for customers.
  7. Taking care and maintaining relationships with old customers. Finding new customers and expanding the market. Collecting and evaluating feedback from customers and researching competitor information.
  8. Performing other duties as requested by the Board of Directors.



  • Graduated from Bachelor or Master of Business Administration or major in Finance.
  • Integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, dynamism and high job responsibility. Resistant to high pressure and intensity at work.
  • Have at least 03 years of experience working in the equivalent position in corporate and financial institutions.
  • Have leadership skills, business strategy thinking, presentation skills, negotiating ability.
  • Have good communication skills and build relationships with customers.
  • Have analytical skills and sensitivity to market development opportunities.
  • Language proficiency: Fluently in English
  • Fluently in information technology office.


  • Personnel are fully entitled to the benefits of salary, health insurance and social insurance in accordance with the law.
  • SaigonRatings implements the policy of attracting talents and gratitudes, satisfactorily treats talented personnel in personal income regime, bonuses, high quality medical care and preferential stock benefits.
  • SaigonRatings’s Board of Directors encourages, hopes and expects candidates to become members of the organization, with great enthusiasm for their work, continuously effort to progress and strive to contribute to the organization, can become senior specialist, experts and managers at all levels of the organization in the future.

Contact information

Please fill in the application form for the position of Credit Rating Analyst or Business Development Director, and send them together with your CV to: or via post to the address below:


Saigon Phat Thinh Ratings Joint Stock Company

+ Head office: 78-80 Le Van Thiem street, Phu My Hung, Tan Phong ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh city.

Hotline: (028) 5410 6239

+ Hanoi office: 16th floor, TNR building, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Lang Thuong ward, District Dong Da, Hanoi city.