Saigon Ratings is a reliable partner who supports corporations and financial institutions in attracting investment capital, as well as a trusted partner with investors. We are committed to contributions to the national benefits, society and prosperity of Vietnam.


Saigon Ratings strives to become a Credit Rating Agency with the leading national brand in Vietnam, and the brand recognition in Asian financial market.


  • People whose values are in line with company culture are the most valuable assets and the basis for organization strengths.
  • Appreciate individual values, reward outstanding individuals and build a valuable culture to attract talents.
  • Encourage the full participation of all members of the company in sharing Saigon Ratings mission, vision, as well as challenges and success.
  • Continuously learn, innovate and change to improve service quality, as well as to follow high value and goals.
  • Have absolute compliance with professional principles and standards of the international Credit Rating Agencies, to ensure the Objectivity & Independence, Integrity, Transparency; and Code of ethics in all business activities.
  • Saigon Ratings ensures the quality standards of credit rating services provided for all corporations and institutions in the market. We always respect the legal regulations and our business principles.


Saigon Ratings considers the benefits of Clients, Investors community, and the national economic development as our benefits.


  1. A modern system of management for organization improvement.
  2. High quality human resources.
  3. Business processes align with standards of international CRAs (Big Three CRAs).
  4. Rigid and efficient internal control procedures.
  5. Valuable culture to attract talents.


The purposes of building organization culture are to:

  1. Create an organization culture focusing on attracting talents.
  2. Put emphasis on valuing people.
  3. Promote the solidarity and participation of all members in the activities of company.
  4. Implement the policy of giving autonomy, with the spirit of ownership of all members; encourage and organize decentralized leadership for the management staff at all levels.
  5. Enhance self-esteem, promote the sense of holistic responsibility, respect for the discipline, discipline in each individual and the community responsibility to create an environment worth working for members.
  6. Promote the continuous learning, improvement, and renovation.
  7. Always protect the culture and core values of the organization.
  8. Strive to achieve the organization management level and human resource quality equivalent with international standards.
  9. Give the best efforts to implement the purposes and mission of the organization.

Responsibilities and Sharing

  • All shareholders, Board of Directors, Managers and staffs have a common vision, mission and organization values, as well as share responsibility, challenges and success.
  • Experienced, talented, enthusiastic and dedicated staffs of Saigon Ratings do not just tell us which trouble our organization is facing, but also embrace the changes, move forward and make a difference. They should take advantage of creativity power to bring the organization to success.
  • All members need to understand and have a responsibility to realize the values of our organization’s culture; and become the ambassadors of this culture.

Operation Philosophy

  • Base on the Independence, Objectivity, Integrity and Transparency; and respect professional ethics.
  • As a core activity principle, the organization’s operation philosophy does not change over time. Make legal regulations and professional ethics the basis for all your organization’s activities.
  • Make a commitment to create credibility and transparency in the organization. We understand that a vital part of organizational culture is to understand the needs of the clients.
  • Listen to the feedback from partners and clients; to constantly improve the value added services delivered to clients.

Quality of service

Saigon Ratings shall continuously strive to improve the quality of credit rating services, in order to truly become a reliable partner for all organizations, enterprises and investors in Vietnam market.

Keep learning, changing and renovating

  • Make learning and innovation the basis for all activities of the organization’s members, to create differences and competitive advantage for the Organization.
  • We cannot solely follow the experiences of the past; we must link the legacies of the past with the new age, new levels of innovation; as well as approach the problem with creative mindset. We are always willing to renew ourselves.
  • Strive to become the Global Credit Rating Agency with international qualified people.

Solidarity and amicability

  • Expect all members to reach the mutual values ​​of integrity and humility; treat people with respect and altruism; actively share knowledge and concentrate on creating massive and long-term values.
  • Implement prudently personnel recruitment. The criteria for evaluating and selecting bases on professional attitude, competence and experiences of candidates.
  • The meaning of acquiring the right people is extremely massive. We always lean toward the ethical value rather than the competence in recruitment
  • Connect thoughts and actions for mutual goals. Be respectable, sincere and supportive with colleagues; Share knowledge and experiences to well-accomplish the missions. And be cooperative and credible with stakeholders and clients.

Enhance human values and honor outstanding individuals.

  • The key to success of the organization is individual and collective competence.
  • Honor individuals with excellent achievements and positive contributions to the organization.
  • Feature three basic principles: Honor talents – progressively study –
  • Three motivations for employee’s enthusiasm and commitment are reward, recognition, reinforcement
  • Four levels of individual performance and contributions to the organization are: adequate, good, very good, excellent.

Our courage

  • The message to members in the organization is to never give up. Even in the most difficult situations, believe yourself, believe your ability and believe that you can reach the great achievements for family, organization and nation.
  • But enjoy your challenges is a need – enjoy working days and struggle for what you believe and for people who you trust.
  • If you can do that, if you keep moving forward, every victory definitely will drive you to another one, along with other opportunities.
  • By creating momentum for motivations, keeping moving forward and never limiting yourself, it will be closer to reach your goals.
  • Think of the your furthest and widest future, you absolutely will become what you believe.


  • Be conscientious and commit to maintain the code of ethics.
  • Integrity is the honesty and willingness to make commitments to operational principles, professional ethical standards and loyalty to organization.


  • We are in the massive changing process, in which the clients are holding the tremendous power through the transparency and social communication. Previously, the clients are satisfied with your services, they will spread out to other people.
  • Currently, with the power of the internet and social media, even that is the reviews of clients through online channel or social media, your services will be recommended largely and unlimitedly.
  • We always remind ourself to do the best things for the clients, organization and social community.

The professional working environment for talents

  • Saigon Ratings is the organization of talented, qualified and passionate people.
  • We concentrate on the goal of making changes and developing the organization; then motivating people to improve and create values.
  • We target on recruiting talented and young people who are have career passion and strong technical background with  modest attitude and self-improvement.
  • We try to attract and look for individuals who have the mutual goals and have high commitments to our organization in the long-term development. Build a valuable culture to attract talents acquisition and respect differences.

Strive for the successes

  • Organizational culture inspires and motivates the creation. People who are passionate and loyal to the organization are likely to be deeply involved in the organization and devote the best for his work.
  • Leader of the organization always listens to employees and share important things. Let’s think of the responsibility of fostering and giving staffs to maximize their potential.
  • We target to create the professional environment for people to express and develop their passion and affirm their talent.
  • Our organization should only include employees whose values are in line with our organization. We are committed to supporting people as much as possible.
  • Board of Directors implements the “Golden Rule” in human resources policies: “Treat people the way you want to be treated”.
  • The human resources philosophy of our organization is “Treat and reward employees the way you want to be treated”.
  • We try our best to take care of our employees on the policy of allowances, bonuses, benefits, welfare and health care.
  • The organization will reward, share successes mentally and physically and give promotion opportunities to all employees who achieve outstanding results and have valuable contributions to our organization.
  • Board of Directors implement special policies on welfare benefits and offer opportunities for preferred shares acquisition to talents and key managers who are most dedicated and have long-term commitment to the organization.


The first standard: Love what you do and the organization

  • Love the career and the organization is the most important premise to company together in a long-term with mutual responsibility; share the vision, mission and the core values; share the challenges and successes.
  • Vehement inspiration to the products/ services provided to clients.
  • Concentrate and dedicate on what you do.
  • Love what you do and strive to enhance the performance effectively.

The second standard: Keep in mind and strictly comply the regulations of the Saigon Ratings

  • Commit to strictly comply the principles and operational regulations of a credit rating agency – Independence and Objectivity; Integrity and Transparency.
  • Any violations of Code on Ethics and Conduct organization are not allowed.
  • People who is inappropriate with organizational culture will not be companied with the organization.
  • Career dedication and professional ethics are the first.
  • Draw the personal plans and make it be a part of life.

Article 3: Prestige and reputation of the brand are the most valuable assets

Jointly implement the mission and strive to win the belief of market so that Saigon Ratings can become a reliable partner with organizations in raising funds; and be a trusted partner with the investors.

Article 4: Accompany with the development of the organization

  • Accompany with the mission of the organization, make and follow strictly the individual working plans.
  • Be responsible, positive and active in performing missions.
  • Integrating to the team and expressing the dedication for mutual mission is the base for the successes of the organization and individual.

Article 5: Extend the vision, deep thinking and sensitive observation

  • Each individual has the vision to identify and take advantage of the opportunities, thereby actively define the direction of development.
  • The competitiveness in the future focuses on research and innovation, to enhance the knowledge and skills.
  • Develop technical knowledge and skills to improve competitive position and grasp the future trends.

Article 6: Take advantage of opportunities and develop the individual career

  • Take advantage of opportunities and flexible conditions for the individual improvement.
  • Through domestic and abroad training and coaching activities, keep contact with experienced and prestigious experts, colleagues, international cooperation and exchange of experts; and learn from international strategic partners.
  • Be professional, dedicated and creative to be successful.
  • Dare to risk our commitment to seize the opportunity for success. Seize every opportunity to express yourself.
  • Begin from the little things with inspiration and long-term vision.
  • Practice fluently your professional skills and strengths to improve yourself and to create the opportunities to explore the new solutions. Concentrate on developing our advantages.

Article 7: Effective time management and intellectual working

  • Strive to become an expert to solve the problems scientifically and enhance critical thinking.
  • Excellent employees work with the dedication and critical thinking.
  • Time is a priceless and limited resource, which should be managed reasonably and scientifically for the best effectiveness.
  • The personnel manager needs to send the message to all members: What Saigon Ratings expects from the employees and how they do to be promoted and develop their career?
  • All members need to be assessed properly their work quality and personal performance. This is very meaningful to the mission of Saigon Ratings.

Article 8: Progressively learn and accept the failure

  • HR’s policy of Saigon Ratings is to respect talents, with the philosophy: “The best people are the most appropriate people”, to create an enthusiastic team and strive towards a common goal.
  • Progressively research, study and to maintain improvement.
  • We should have courage to break the limitation in our mind, be more creative to find out better solutions.
  • Track for new updates and skills to improve the solutions; Saigon Ratings is a workplace that will help you learn valuable knowledge and skills.
  • Have a progressive spirit; listen to colleagues, clients, partners and except the difference from other ideas or point of view.
  • There is no smooth and sweet route. If there is a problem, never react in the adverse way, let’s immerse yourself in the challenge and treat it by our professionals.
  • Turn challenges to opportunities and learn from our failure. Face and take advantage of the challenges and make them opportunities.
  • Improve deeply technical knowledge and professional concentration on performance. Be confident and fluent at skills to have an overview mindset.
  • Develop, keep maintaining team-work spirit and support other members in accomplishing the missions.

Article 9: Improve progressively and complete yourself

The key to the success of Saigon Ratings – building and developing a truly excellent, highly disciplined and complementary team; and in which each individual has the responsibility to perform well the role of an active member.


If you want to turn the organization’s team into a strong team, you must first choose the right people with appropriate qualities, responsible employees, and mid-level staff with a will to progress; and Senior Management must have career ambitions, be able to inspire and lead the team forward.


Saigon Ratings always expects every employee to have a deep sense of the organization’s Mission, Vision and Core Values, a responsible community, and long-term companionship. Opportunities for career advancement and development of each individual are always associated with the sustainable development of the enterprise.

The Organization’s most valuable asset is the “Appropriate People” – they are active employees who are dedicated to the Organization, their colleagues and duties.


Positive employees are often dedicated and enthusiastic about their work; constantly improve working efficiency and bring better products and services to customers.

In daily life, wisdom has great power. That is what affects our ability to focus and decide our actions. The way of thinking will determine our views; and we can change that.


We can control our thinking process and control our attitude. Let us think deeply and trust this “You are not what you think but is what you think”.


Don’t depend on other people’s perspectives, choose a noble way of life, and speak well of others no matter what they say about you.


Let’s develop personal career advancement goals. Setting goals is the most powerful motivator for effective action. Accomplishing small goals, you will take a big step towards achieving your goals and increasing your capacity.


Once you have the motivation to continue with other mindsets of success, then we have a chance to develop breakthroughs and succeed.


Every individual contributes to developing the culture of the organization – The base for sustainable development of Saigon Ratings.

Article 10: We always have expectation of the leader’s role in our organization

  • Board of Management put the interests of the whole team on top and have a duty to lead their employees. The management begins and struggles for the integrity.
  • Organizational culture is formed by thoughts and actions of every member. Moreover, the Management contributes significantly in creating the culture.
  • Management always serves for the interests of the organization and transfer motivations to everybody. The Management must maintain the culture, transparency, straightforward to have a “standard view” among goals, mission, visions and core values. We need to understand deeply the power of the culture and responsible for building the working environment.
  • Management is responsible for connecting, fostering dreams and ambitions; inspiring employees; and encouraging them to share their dreams.
  • We should improve the leadership skills through solving problems, and be determined to turn tough challenges to breakthroughs and keep moving forward.
  • Leadership is empowerment, a talented leader not only depends on technical competency, but also needs the ability to empower and delegate subordinates. The main duty of the leader is to develop the next generation to carry on growing the organization, as well as to put the employees in the right position.
  • Board of management should be exemplary and give clear and strong commands to implement operation program of organization. Leaders shall show subordinates the targets they consider as the highest priorities and enable subordinates to understand their importance.
  • Board of Directors should consistently follow what we believe and think of future to have appropriate leading orientation. If leaders really want to motivate employees, leaders should make employee trust them.
  • Give subordinates the freedom of imagination and creativity. Connect with employees to succeed, and improve organization’s productivity.
  • The leader should work closely with staff. The first thing a leader must do is to think prudently about what he desires and to try to accomplish the targets. Next, the leader must communicate these things to staffs so that the targets will be achieved, which is referred as the imperative mandate.
  • The imperative mandate consists of three elements: the first is to think thoroughly about what we need to communicate and to define our purpose. The second is to assign tasks to subordinates, and the third is to supervise appropriately.
  • The most necessary thing is to have clear communication with subordinates about the purposes of the tasks. Leaders must be strict with themselves when setting and actualizing the goals. This is the connection between strategic planning and implementation.
  • The talent of leader is evident in the leadership, as well as the ability to identify the situation and make the right decisions in difficult and unpredictable times.
  • The leader needs to listen carefully to everyone in a variety of manners and give priority to understanding others.
  • There are qualities that are more important than talent, one of which is the talent recognition. One of the most important tasks of a leader is to identify potential leaders; and his priority is finding and fostering the leaders around us.
  • The leader should be the one who inspires and guides the team to succeed.


  • The transparency of corporate governance is the highest priority in our organization.
  • This important principle is an essential part of the organization’s ability to achieve sustainable growth through transparent and fair treatment of our clients, shareholders, employees, partners and responsibilities to society.
  • Transparent Management Principle enhances the trustworthiness of our organization to strategic partners, investors, and helps develop our brand name in the market.
  • By common consent, our organization‘s code of conduct is based on the organization culture. The code of conduct supports the operation of the Organization in line with the business philosophy.
  • The Board of Directors and Managers in all levels act as the best model in building the working environment in order to ensure that every member of the organization is responsible for compliance with the Code of Conduct with honesty and appropriateness.
  • The target of organization management – fulfill plans by principles of governance methods.
  • No enterprise can finish commitments or adapt well with changing, unless all leaders implement the plan principles in every level.
  • The implementation of the plan must be part of the organization’s strategy and objectives. It is the connection between aspirations and results. Thus, this is a fundamental step – and indeed the key duty of the leaders.
  • The main issue in implementing plans bases on three processes: the personnel process, the strategic process, and the operating process. An organization’s plans can only be actualized when the heart, mind, and soul of a leader are put in the organization’s culture.
  • We need to keep in mind three following necessary points of plan implementation:
  1. Implementation should be combined with strategic development.
  2. Actualization of the plan is the main task of the leader.
  3. Implementing plan must be a key element of our organization’s operation principle.

We strive to become successful Organizational Administrators

Complete the plan objectives, by the Principles of Governance, including eight practical rules of the administrator Perter F. Drucker:

  1. They should always ask themselves: “What should we do for Saigon Ratings?”
  2. They should always ask “What is the right thing for organization?
  3. They must make plan for actions.
  4. They take responsibilities for their decisions.
  5. They are responsible for communicating with people, clients and partners.
  6. They focus on opportunities more than on problems.
  7. They hold meeting and discuss effectively.
  8. They think and say “we” instead of “I”.
  • The first two rules give the leader the necessary knowledge.
  • The next four rules enable them to turn that knowledge into effective actions.
  • The last two rules ensure that in the organization each individual is responsible for the joint work.
  • All shareholders, Board of Directors, and Managers and staffs of organization are committed to creating and promoting the company culture – basis for sustainable development of our organization.