SaigonRatings is the first Credit Rating Agency (CRA) in Vietnam.

Business registration certificate was issued by Department of Planning and Investment on July 30, 2015. Business code 0313375448.

After the process of document appraisal from 2015 to June 2017 of 07 ministries: Finance, Public Security, Justice, Planning & Investment, State Bank, State Securities Commission of Vietnam and People’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City.

In July 2015, the Ministry of Finance issued Certificate No. O1 / GCN- DVXHTN on business eligibility to provide credit rating services.

Vietnamese name: Công ty Cổ Phần Sài Gòn Phát Thịnh Rating.

English name: Saigon Phat Thinh Rating Joint Stock Company.

Abbreviated Name: SaigonRatings.

Legal representative: Mr. Phung Xuan Minh, Chairman cum General Director.

Head Office: Phatthinh Building, 78-80 Le Van Thiem Street, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Up to now, SaigonRatings has been operating the service provision in Vietnam market for 3 years. SaigonRatings provides credit rating products and other services for corporations, financial institutions and debt instruments, in the market in accordance with the practices and standards of the international Credit Rating Agency and Vietnamese regulations.


January 2020.

FROM 2010 TO 2030

Key goal: Top priority must be given to researching, studying and establishing the SaigonRatings professional background and resources.

  1. Researching and learning business model, organizational management and comprehensive development management experience of some international Credit Rating Agency (CRA).
  2. Studying in-depth operational practices and technical quality standards; Asian CRAs products system.
  3. Investing in building professional background, human and other resource for SaigonRatings.
  4. Preparing and submitting documents to competent authorities to appraise and complete Business Legal procedures, according to Vietnamese regulations.
  5. Continuously researching, updating and improving the quality of the business process system, credit rating process and the organization’s internal control system.
  6. Establishing and completing organizational structure step by step, developing high quality human resource and culture that can attract talented people.
  7. Providing a variety of credit rating products and services to corporations, financial institutions and debt instruments, ensuring compliance with the practices and quality standards of Asian CRAs.
  8. Establishing partnerships with local and international financial institutions and enterprises.
  9. Inviting international and Asian CRAs as well as potential local financial institutions to participate in equity investments and becoming a strategic partner of SaigonRatings.

Key goal: Business growth.

  1. Perfecting credit rating knowledge background and products system to ensure similarity with practices and standards of Asian CRAs.
  2. Comprehensively developing the resource strength of an independent CRA for SaigonRatings.
  3. Setting a business, organizational and operational model consistent with other Asian CRAs and meeting competitive demand in the Vietnamese market.
  4. Comprehensively developing business efficiency in terms of growth rate, market share, products and service system, competitive position, reputation, revenue and profit.
  5. Completing the goal of inviting for cooperation with potential domestic and international strategic partners.
  6. Participating in connecting, expanding relationships and cooperation with potential partners in the national and international financial ecosystem.

Key goal: Accelerate and develop sustainable business.

  1. Becoming a national credit rating agency with brand name recognized in Asia.
  2. Developing, expanding and diversifying strategic shareholders of Saigon Ratings and promoting comparative advantages from shareholders’ resources.
  3. Implementing the development strategy to diversify products and services system of the national financial ecosystem in accordance with each stage of development.
  4. Having sustainable business development and striving to complete important strategic goals and plans of this phase.