Saigon Ratings is a reliable partner who supports corporations and financial institutions in attracting investment capital. As a trusted partner of investors, we are committed to contributions to the national benefits, society and prosperity of Vietnam.


Saigon Ratings strives to become a Credit Rating Agency with the leading national brand in Vietnam and the reputable recognition in the Asian financial market.


Saigon Ratings creates and promotes an Organizational Culture that attracts talents, creates a humane working environment and continues to learn, create and innovate. The Board of Director’s shares difficulties, challenges and successes with all members of the organization.


. Independence & Objectivity, Integrity, Transparency.
. Uphold Professional Ethical Standards.
. Saigon Ratings places the interests of the social community, customers, investors and the responsibility of developing a strong national economy in the interests of the organization.


Fitch Learning and Saigon Ratings have become long-term strategic partners for developing the analysis and assessment of corporate credit ratings, financial institutions, and debt instruments for the staffs of Saigon Ratings.

OFFICIAL MEMBER OF ACRAA (Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia)

Saigon Ratings is an official member of the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia (ACRAA) and is the first Credit Rating Agency in Vietnam to join ACRAA, bringing the total number of association members to 28 from 15 countries.


Saigon Ratings operates in accordance with the professional quality standards and practices of the international independent Credit Rating agencies.

After more than four years of operation, Saigon Ratings has implemented the credit rating activity for more than 200 case studies. The research subjects assessed and rated are some typical corporate, financial institutions (and debt instruments) that are operating in a number of sectors and fields of the national economy.

Performing credit ratings on a large number of case studies helps the professional staff practice their profession and gradually improve their analysis and evaluation skills; and also the scientific basis for testing, adjusting and completing the credit rating methodology and process of Saigon Ratings. On that basis, we regularly organize scientific and professional seminars which are associated with training requirements and internal professional coaching.

Up to now, Saigon Ratings has been implementing ten contracts of first credit rating and annual monitoring for corporate issuers, financial institutions (FDI and domestic companies).

Saigon Ratings fully complies with the updating and disclosure of credit rating results of issuers (financial and non-financial companies) and debt instruments in accordance with Vietnamese law.


The Board of Directors and the Board of Managements persistently implement policies to attract talents and respectfully invite talented Vietnamese individuals who are currently living and working globally and domestically to join a team of specialized personnel to cooperate and dedicate their wisdom and efforts in successfully implementing the Mission and Vision of the organization; at the same time, indirectly contribute to creating and promoting the development of Vietnam’s bond market.


  1. Saigon Ratings has signed contracts with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the National Credit Information of Vietnam (CIC) to gain access to data sources, to serve the needs of rating financial and non-financial issuers and debt instruments in the market.
  2. For many years, Saigon Ratings has been investing to develop data platforms and information infrastructures encompassing domestic economic activities.
  3. Recently, Saigon Ratings signed a data cooperation contract with the international data partner REFINITIV.

REFINITIV is one of the world’s largest providers of financial market data and infrastructure, serving more than 40,000 institutions in more than 190 countries and territories. The company provides leading data, information, insights, trading platforms and open technologies that provide connection to global financial markets community.

The cooperation with REFINITIV has provided Saigon Ratings a comprehensive, accurate data platform that efficiently meets the needs of Saigon Ratings’ credit rating activities.

In addition, the two parties are in the process of negotiating a cooperating partnership to provide bigdata services to Vietnam market in the near future.